Have Questions about Selling to Intrepid Buyers?

Here Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

No, you have no obligations when we make you a cash offer for your house. We do not charge you anything to come view it, and it is entirely your choice whether you wish to accept or decline our offer.
Yes, we can. We buy property all the time that is listed by a realtor. Sometimes, however, the price of a listed property is too high for us to consider because we tend to buy houses that have the potential to add value by renovating.
We will review any loans, liens, or other debts that you might have on your property and work out a solution to pay them off when we buy your house. Our expertise is in resolving title issues, and if our offer will cover paying off the outstanding debts, we can purchase your house.
Every deal is different, so the duration to sell your house to us depends on what your goals are for your moving timeline. We can close in as little as 7 days. Please be mindful that if your house needs significant repairs, we will likely have to visit your property a couple of times with our contractors to have a look at the scope of the work.
We determine our offer price by our simple process. First, we consider the location of your house and any comparable properties that have been sold nearby to it. Next, we assess in person the number of repairs that are needed to make the property satisfactory to our standards. Finally, we calculate the costs associated with buying your house, such as the total funds needed to close, and any outstanding debts associated with the property. We will make as strong of an offer for your house as we possibly can, based on those factors.